claire wu

The Incomplete
ABC's of Fruit!, 2019

Motion Graphics, Photography, Videography



I fused physical elements into this motion graphic through the use of alphaghettis. The alphagettis were arranged, photographed, then cut out in photoshop to create the typeface. The footage of the fruit was shot against a white background, then rotoscoped in AfterEffects to be placed in front of more visually stimulating background.

Diving Off the Deep End, 2019

Logotype Animation, Illustration


The nervous river ox standing on the diving board is a physical embodiment of my subconscious fears holding me back. When I finally gain the courage to break free out of her, I dive off into the deep end and am pleasantly surprised by my surroundings. Who doesn't like a good underwater dance party?


I was heavily inspired by the illustration style, playfulness and humour in the Netflix series, "Tuca and Bertie".

I started all of my illustrations on paper, then moved into Adobe Draw on my iPad for final illustrations. Each moving component was drawn on a separate layer. Illustrations were then imported into AfterEffects, where I created different comps and animated them frame by frame.

Area 51: Caked, 2019

TItle Design, Illustration

The Plot / Stills

The story begins when a concert hosted at Area 51 goes awry. Before the concert, Steve Aiko is baking all the cake he’s throwing into the audience, when he encounters a group of aliens that followed the cake scent to find him in his kitchen.

They make friends, but little does he know, when he leaves the room, the aliens contaminate all the cake batter. During the performance, the cake is thrown into the audience.

As soon as it comes in contact with the people they freeze, and their eyes gloss over. The plan for world domination begins, 1-0 aliens in the lead. Anyone who tries to help the frozen victims, also freeze.

As more humans fall to their doom, aliens collect the perfectly frozen human beings as decorations for their new homes.

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