claire wu

I am a Taiwanese-Canadian
designer based out of Toronto, seeking opportunities in Oslo.

As an ESFJ personality type, community and collaboration are very important to me. I believe in the power that arises when space is made for people to share their personal stories. My designs are driven by the complexities of human relationships—observing the interactions between people, investigating the "whys" behind them that ultimately shape their life experiences. I am interested in design work that creates meaningful impact in peoples' lives.

When I'm not at work, you can most often find me dancing, finding liberation in intentional movement, hanging out with my friends at a park, or whipping up a home-cooked meal.

Shortlist of Experience

2020              Project Coordinator
                       OCAD U x Kolab Project

2020              Project Management Co-Lead
                       OCAD U Grad Exhibition

2018 - 2019   UI/UX Designer & Social Media Lead

2017 - 2020   Student Monitor
                        OCAD U Rapid Prototyping Centre
                        & Plastic Shop

View my resume here!

Areas of Interests

Gender Studies               Social Activism
Diversity/Inclusion           Accessibility
Psychology                      Sustainability


2020                                      2020
Enabling Future                    Juror’s Choice
Generations Award              Design TO
ACIDO Rocket

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