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Experience Trading Workshop, 2018

OCAD U Design for Health Project
Service Design, System Design

How might we break down and restructure the ageist mindset and attitude on a municipal level?



Design Opportunity

In the current social climate, many preventable short-comings are caused by ageist attitudes and the mindset of, “This does or doesn’t apply to you because you’re old”. This has caused detriment to the senior population on an emotional and physical level—stripping them of their dignity, sexual and technological literacy, physical health, and the ability to engage in life on a very human level.

“I want the younger generation to acknowledge my worth.”

To facilitate workshops that encourage the youth and seniors in our community to share knowledge, and trade perspectives in order to foster a supportive community and develop intergenerational appreciation and understanding.

Key Findings

How does it work?

Journey Map

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