claire wu

LumieréVR, 2018

UI/UX, Illustration, Photogrammetry,
Project Development, Social Media, Tech Demos


I worked closely with LumieréVR to design a chair with an sound absorbant hood that allowed users the privacy for
a 10 minute VR escape from work, boosting productivity through teleportation.

MoodPod App

The accompanying app allows users to find the MoodPod in their office, scan the QR code and choose from a variety of different teleportation options.
A guided meditation session in the middle of a golden prairie field, audiobooks read infront of the fireplace, short films that transport you to the depths of the ocean, or music with interactive visuals powered by machine learning.


I made illustrations for multiple projects including a series of screen background
for MoodPod App, a banner poster for our travelling VR Theatres, and a handful of
small illustrations for the XRAA XR Digital Advertising Guide.


Side Projects

I had the chance to experiment with photogrammetry. The example on the right is comprised of 150-200 photos that have ample image overlap. That image set is input into Meshroom, and the program renders out a 3D space from the information gathered from the images.

We started off scanning small objects, and worked our way up to scanning our office meeting room.


The success of this first experiment opened the doors for us to begin mapping a virtual skin onto scanned spaces. I was surprised at the amount of detail Meshroom captured when I strapped on a VR headset to see the result.

Artist Collaborations
LumiereVR put me charge of reaching out to local artists in Toronto and collaborating with them. Some pretty magical things happened when cutting edge tech was placed in well-trained hands.
VR/AR Tech Demos
I helped with demos our virtual reality theatres at numerous locations including, Canadian Film Festival (CFC), Toronto Film Festival (TIFF), Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories (FIVARS), and Elevate Toronto.

Our biggest achievement—implementing the largest VR installations ever: 225 VR headsets at The Madison Square Garden Company. Part of the revamped AllAccessTour, it features the NY Rangers, NY Knicks, and Billy Joel all in virtual reality.
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Team Photos

I took team photos for the company website, featuring each person’s “professional” side, and their “playful” side.

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